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Being Highlander

Your heart beats to the tune of bagpipes and your brain hums with innovation. You’ve got Tartan Soul. Four qualities that show the world you’re a Highlander: Integrity, Accountability, Excellence and Respect. To demonstrate your Tartan Soul, you must act with integrity; be accountable individually and to others for your ethical conduct; strive for excellence; and respect the rights and dignity of others.

As a UCR student, you’ve always exhibited these values. (You wouldn’t have been accepted to UCR if you hadn’t!) But as you mature and take on more responsibility, you’re going to see how adhering to these important values – the “core four” of Tartan Soul – will help you to earn the trust and respect of others, work more effectively and efficiently, and succeed in ways you never imagined.


This Month's Spotlight: Cameron Tepper


Meet Mike Atienza, the epitome of what it means to have Tartan Soul. He embraces Accountability by going above and beyond to assist all of the students he advises.

At the Beginning

Get the story behind UCR’s Tartan Soul campaign.

Show off

Discover ways to express Tartan soul as a student, faculty/staff member or department.

Wear Your Tartan On Your Sleeve

Show your commitment to Tartan Soul by putting on shirts, kilts, hats, ties, earrings and other accessories from UCR’s Tartan Wear Collection.

Find your favorite piece of tartan at the Campus Store today! Get your gear!Get your gear!